Dog Treats Guide

What You Should Look at When Buying Dog Treats


Dogs are the most common pets in most home and the only way one can appreciate the company of the dogs is to look at their health. Good treat for you dog is much significant in maintain its health always. If you really love your dog then you should not just offer any treat to them without considering certain important factors. Market today is full of different kind of dog treats and you need to be keener so as to get the right treat that will improve the health of your dog. The following are some vital consideration to make while buying dog treats for your dog.


Size of your dog

The size of your dog is a major concern given that there are various treat that are manufactured for a specific age and size of the dog. The nutrients that are contained in the treat should be in the right proportion required by dogs of your age. Treats at will the high level of calories should not be given to small dogs since this can lead to obesity to your dogs since they are not always engaged in most physical activities that can burn the accumulated calories. It is thus important to look at the calories content in the treat before offering it to your dog.


Always avoid fish based treats.

In most cases these fish based treats tends to be high in mercury bas well as strontium levels which ends up affecting the health of the dog in the long run. However, not all locally made fish based dog treats tends to be much preferable as they contain no any chemical. This information would be very significant to any person knowing a dong and cares about the health of the dog. This Implies that you should be reducing the amount of the processed meals that you buy from the supermarket and take some time in learning how you can prefer these meals locally to have the best food that will serve your dog best. Check out this website to know more facts about dog treats.


Reduce amount of grains and rice in dog treats

The dogs were created in such a way that they have no ability of digesting the grains as they are not herbivores. This implies that the amount of grains on your dog treats at should be low and increase the meal content as they are well adapted in digesting meat than any other product. Hence when you are buying dog treats always buy the ones with high protein contain especially manufactured from flesh.